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Scott Casber

Co Host

Scott Casber is a nationally recognized announcer, radio, TV commentator and promoter. Scott's voice has been heard throughout the world for over 35 years. Casber attended the University of Iowa and finished at Drake University. 
Scott has announced numerous Boxing and MMA PPV's and enjoys an active career as an actor in film and theater. Scott volunteer's his time entertaining troops on USO tours throughout the middle east.
Living in Des Moines, Iowa, Scott and his wife Susan have two grown sons 31 and 32, Adam and Nicholas.  Nicholas and his wife Kera are expecting their first child in August of 2020.


Nick Leerhoff


Nick is the Admissions Director for St. Gregory Recovery Center.  He has been with St. Gregory since 2011. Nick started there as a personal trainer and developed the Health and Wellness program. Since 2015 Nick has been on the clinical team as a certified Alcohol and Drug Therapist helping patients deal with substance abuse and mental health issues. Nick’s passions are his family and helping others find happiness and recovery.

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